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Miley and Robin Thicke! Her KC concert got cancelled though :(


marco’s ghost appearing to jean at the campfire like, “this is what happens when you don’t buy ARTPOP on itunes you motherfucker”

I replicated Miley Cyrus’s costume from the VMA’s for her concert tomorrow night!



i smell cheap breakfast tea and badly-made crumpets

it can only be one little thing

the superwholockian teeabos are here


OMFG earl grey how basic can ya get


do men have resting bitch faces as well or do they not have negative characteristics ascribed to them for putting on a neutral rather than a deliriously happy facial expression

No they do


yes, naruto is important but you know what’s even more important? nothing. nothing is more important than naruto.


don’t trust anyone who hasn’t watched at least one episode of naruto bc they probably don’t know the true value of friendship


A Naruto AU where Naruto and Sasuke are at Naruto’s parent’s house for dinner and Naruto says “Pass the salt daddy” and both Minato and Sasuke reach for the salt.


Naruto Uzumaki is a tan god with sky blue eyes and rippling muscles and a gorgeous smile and you call him plain and feminine??????

"I can do it. I am strong. Stronger than all of you. Extremely strong.”